David Muir, Interim Executive and Founder of Profesys LtdThe following references are extracted from David Muir’s LinkedIn page and provide an insight into how Clients and Colleagues view the services/assistance/guidance/management provided.


More formal Client references can be made available on request.

Management Consultant: Interim Transformation Specialist: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

David is a thinker and a ‘can do’ Consultant – a rare commodity. He has been a key member of the team and helped to manage and deliver significant project objectives. In summary:
– Comfortable with both Strategy & Implementation
– Happy to get into the detail and provide guidance by example
– Strong breadth of knowledge/experience across a wide range of disciplines (Strategy, Marketing, Operating Model, Portfolio Mgmt)
– Mentoring skills
– Relationship builder / Trust and dependable
Highly recommended and I look forward to having David on the team again.

March 20, 2014, Farook managed David indirectly at Profesys Ventures Ltd – Interim Executive Services

I worked with David on a large change management programme based out of New York. David has a first class knowledge of the sales and marketing environments, and provided extensive value-add and support in these areas. He is a good team player, creative and soon engenders respect from clients and other team members. The programme achieved its key objectives, a result which would have been difficult without his contribution.

March 17, 2014, Ged was with another company when working with David at Profesys Ventures Ltd – Interim Executive Services


Interim Transformation Director: General Dynamics (UK) Ltd: General Dynamics UK Ltd

“David was one half of the reViiVd team that were engaged by the C4I Business Unit (BU) within General Dynamics to initiate change needed for the BU to be able to successfully compete in new market sectors and geographies.

This was not a simple assignment, as the culture of the business was built around serving an MoD customer whose requirements were significantly different to these new markets.  ReViiVd without doubt brought the energy and drive that was needed to instigate change. David in particular used his strong operational skills to quickly get to the heart of those issues that were preventing change.

They helped the team manage a complex stakeholder group, and helped challenge a number of key business beliefs, with the changes spreading beyond the BU into the wider business.

ReViiVd built the foundation for much of the business change that has happened within General Dynamics over the past 6 months, and are providing the model for the new Security and Resilience business.

From a personal perspective, David was hard working and conscientious and during the period became a much sought after source of advice and direction, not just to the team but to me personally. I would certainly recommend David looking to engage with someone to drive business change or turnaround.

Nick Jacques, Support Director, General Dynamics (UK) Ltd”

Interim Transformation Director: General Dynamics (UK) Ltd: General Dynamics UK Ltd

 “The C4I Systems Business Unit within General Dynamics (UK) Ltd initially appointed ReViiVd Ltd to conduct a high level analysis of its Service Delivery, Supporting Infrastructure, and, Leadership capability. ReViiVd, somewhat uniquely, was willing to conduct the initial fact finding exercise on a contingency basis… i.e. they were confident in their ability to help General Dynamics that they took all the up-front risk – if we didn’t like what we saw there was no risk to us.

ReViiVd’s confidence in the quality of their initial advice was justified; advice that resulted in the implementation of a business transformation programme (led by ReViiVd) designed to effect significant organisational change across all aspects of our business – i.e. Leadership, Behaviours, Value for Money (incl. Cost Reduction), Market Focus (incl. Bids, Campaigns, Meeting the needs of the customer) etc.

The ReViiVd approach was dynamic and challenging – challenging each of the C4I Systems Leadership and Management team to identify and remove non value-adding activities. The skills and breadth of experience delivered by ReViiVd consultants Scott Seivwright and David Muir were not only re-assuring but were challenging, enlightening, and, just what was needed to shake-up the status quo.

Much has changed within General Dynamics since the commencement of the transformation programme and I would not hesitate to recommend David and Scott (i.e. ReViiVd Ltd) to lead and/or advise upon further change; change to establish a more AGILE, LEANER organisation – shaped to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.

October 14, 2012, Ian Menzies, Senior Capability Director, General Dynamics (UK) Ltd

 Interim Commercial Manager: Fujitsu Services

“I recruited David as an Interim Commercial Manager to provide contract and commercial support to one of our major account teams in Scotland. At the time, the team was having a difficult time with their customer in addressing a number of outstanding commercial and delivery issues. David was instrumental in turning the situation around. Attention to detail is a key requirement of the role and he was well equipped with a good working knowledge of contracts and strong financial modelling skills. He brought a vast experience of relationship building to the team from his years as a general manager and interim CxO and he was both a quiet coach and an example to his colleagues. His pragmatic approach to problem resolution led directly to a number of improvements in the customer relationship, including closing a significant piece of additional business. I would not hesitate to recommend him.” September 20, 2011 Tom Vout, Head of Commercial, RTM&S, Fujitsu managed David at Fujitsu Services

“Well what can one say about David Muir, I used to call him the machine for the staggering volume of work David can consistently get through, he won’t thank me for this but if you are looking for two for the price of one David is your man.

Of course it is not only the volume of work David gets through that makes him stand up from the crowd, it is David’s vast experience and intellect which means the outcomes David achieves are always of the highest quality.

David is immensely detailed around financial and commercial matters and can find the smallest mistake in cost models, P&Ls or contracts, but unlike many people who can focus on this level of detail David is very much about building consensus around the overall direction and vision which is being pursued.

I could write much more but the final point I would like to mention is David’s commitment to leaving a legacy behind when he departs from an interim management position, David meticulously documents his work and spends huge amounts of energy coaching and mentoring the permanent so that they can step into his shoes once he moves on….. Not an easy task.

If you need a business leader who can hit the ground sprinting David is you man.” June 28, 2011 John ReynoldsAccount Director, Fujitsu UK and Ireland managed David at Fujitsu Services

“Having worked with David, I have the utmost respect for his professionalism, work ethic, commercial & legal expertise and attention to detail. His drive to provide the best possible service and advice to his Clients and the clarity with which he imparts that advice is valued by all.

David acts with integrity in all he does, is greatly respect by colleagues and Clients alike and hope that I will have an opportunity to work with him again in the future.” March 22, 2011 Alan HughesProgramme Director, Fujitsu Services worked directly with David at Fujitsu Services

“David managed Fujitsu’s commercial relationship with Scottish Water over a period of over 18 months. During that time his straight forward communication and passion for delivering excellent service ensured that he got the very best outcomes for the client and for his colleagues. 

His vast experience of IT as well as commercial and legal expertise, coupled with his enthusiasm, allow him to get results fast. His amiable personality and excellent communication skills ensures that he takes the team and customers along with him, a big factor in ensuring overall success of any negotiation. David is inspirational, a leader and one of the best to have on your team.” September 6, 2010 Bill Buckle, Service Delivery Director, Fujitsu worked directly with David at Fujitsu Services

“I worked with David for just less than a year on a complex and commercially challenging account. David demonstrated his immense expertise and knowledge throughout and proved himself to be a great mentor to those of us will less thorough experience in the field. David has a broad range of skills developed over the years that allow him to gain a holistic view of the solution and challenges that presented themselves in a complex political environment.

His ability to navigate through these was a delight to watch. I would jump at the chance to engage him in the future as he is a valuable asset to any organisation, whether from a commercial perspective or CEO.” September 6, 2010 Michael MurphyProgramme Director, Fujitsu Services worked directly with David at Fujitsu Services

Acting COO: Green Solutions North America Inc.

“David has skills! As an engineer he is able to appreciate the complexities of and the inter-connectedness of the functional areas of any organization. His experience as director sales allows him to see the company mission through the eyes of the intended customers. He also understands the language of accounting and is able to assist management keep their eyes firmly on the bottom line. 

Uncharacteristically for an engineer David also possesses the softer people skills needed to communicate effectively with those who most need to hear the message.” July 26, 2009 Ed Leach, Advisor, Green Solutions North America Inc. worked directly with David at Green Solutions North America Inc.

“David is one of the most worldly, knowledgeable, business savvy individuals I have had the pleasure to work with and mentor from. As a natural strategic thinker, he is excellent at developing and documenting the “big picture” and able to direct and manage to any level of detail required.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his acute ability in spread sheet design and development. David is sure to produce the results needed through his keen leadership ability.” July 14, 2009 Kelley BuckentineHead US Operations, Green Solutions North America, Inc. reported to David at Green Solutions North America Inc.

“David’s, work at Green Solutions was done with perfection down to the last detail. David worked long hours and was very dedicated in what he did and to his colleagues. It was a pleasure to work with David.” June 30, 2009 JUDITH IRVING, Strategic Business Relations & PR, Green Solutions North America Inc. worked directly with David at Green Solutions North America Inc.

“David is a very high energy manager with an eye for detail as well as the ability to see the big picture and strategy for the company. His ability to develop systems and methods of managing complex issues such as new branch openings and sales funnels helped keep the company focused on what it needed to do.” June 28, 2009 Lyle KerrStrategic Advisor, Green Solutions North America Inc. worked directly with David at Green Solutions North America Inc.

“I have experienced David in his position as COO of Green Solutions North America Inc. David has always balanced his orientation to detail with his ability to take a full view of the organization, it’s objectives and it’s philosophy. David’s leadership and willingness to motivate and work with the team has been an invaluable contribution to the success of the organization.

David has a brilliant ability to handle complex financial transactions. His preparation is comprehensive and he keeps the team focused. He has excellent experience and is a pleasure to work with.” June 25, 2009 Martin Dumke, Director, Green Solutions North America Inc. worked directly with David at Green Solutions North America Inc.

Interim CEO:  BluRoute Ltd

“Having worked alongside David on a new conceptual project his professionalism to the task in hand was exceptional. Leading a small team on very tight budgets all targets were achieved on time and excellent work was achieved from concept to final output. A true professional.” December 30, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Andy Vining, hired David as a Business Consultant in 2005

“David is a thoroughly professional, results focused executive and it was a pleasure to work with him at BluRoute where he played a significant role in the development of the company through a critical stage.” June 22, 2009 Nigel Dixon, Company Secretary, BluRoute Ltd worked directly with David at BluRoute Ltd

“One would be hard pressed to find an individual with the professionalism and focus of David Muir. He is one of the most commercially astute individuals I have ever met, approaching challenges with well thought through logical strategies. Always willing to listen and adapt whilst not losing sight of the commercial goals.” June 20, 2007 Andrew Sheldon-NealCTO, BluRoute Ltd reported to David at BluRoute Ltd

Commercial Director: Thus plc

“David was a very capable Commercial Director with a superb combination of leadership, analytical, motivational, marketing, product management & commercial skills. He offers a wealth of consultatative expertise to any client & company.” November 11, 2005 Gavin PidduckRegional Sales Director, Thus plc worked with David at Thus plc

Divisional Managing Director: Microvitec plc

“David is a highly professional and experienced Director. He has operated at all levels of industry and has built an effective consultancy business that has helped numerous major international companies. David was great to work with as both a Director and a mentor. Steve Gooderham GM Emida International” July 1, 2009 Steve GooderhamOwner, GD Productions reported to David at Microvitec plc

“David is a highly skilled analyser of market requirements with a detailed understanding of all aspects of developing new businesses and enhancing existing business plans.” June 19, 2007 Terry Mechan, Marketing and Sales Manager, De La Rue Remsdaq was a consultant or contractor to David at Microvitec plc

Divisional Director/General Manager FKI Data Recording Ltd

“I was recruited by and worked for David at Newbury Data, later FKI, leading the printer group. David was an example to us all in a difficult time, helping to maintain morale through a turnaround demanding a grasp of multiple aspects of product lines, sales channels, market position and the sheer complexity of simultaneously re-structuring people, process and technology into a viable business model for new owners. A serious professional manager. Recommended.” June 6, 2007  Brian Catt, International Sales and Marketing Manager, Newbury Data reported to David at FKI Data Recording Ltd