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reViiVd | Profesys to use reViiVd brand in its provision of Transformation Services

As from April 2014; Profesys will utilise its subsidiary brand of reViiVd to encourage discussion and debate related to Business Transformation services. All tweets will now be delivered under the reViiVd brand, and, a specialised blog will commence to facilitate further. See sidebar for links to the reViiVd resources.

Profesys Ventures Ltd working in concert with Y-Gen Ltd to assist Global publisher Wiley establish a new Operating Model

Profesys is working with International consultancy Y-Gen Ltd in the provision of transformative consultancy services to John Wiley and Sons Inc. This is a major transformation program in which Y-Gen is advising the Professional Development division of Wiley in respect of its future Operating Model and market positioning.

David Muir was appointed to the position of Non-Executive Chairman to Cosneta in April 2013.

Cosneta is a technology company providing ‘liberating’ products that allow people to interact and express their ideas without barriers. Cosneta facilitate and encourage group collaborative working, whatever the location, through tools and applications that feel natural to use. Cosneta is in the business of enabling people to:
  •  Use freedom of expression.
  • Work with colleagues without barriers with solutions that make team working simple, easy and natural.
  • Speed up the collaborative process
Cosneta unlocks potential in people through the way we do things and how we act. We follow the rich heritage of the creative thinking of the great enlightened inventors with our ambition to make life better through technology. We like to express ourselves with integrity and good humour. We are constantly curious.

Profesys – Working in association with Dynalucid

Dynalucid’s innovative consultants, processes and tools help businesses to rapidly match end-customers’ needs with what is technologically feasible and with what a viable IT Operating Model can convert into business, employee and customer value or market opportunity

Profesys new venture: Transition & Transformation Services

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Profesys – Working in association with Simbiottik


The Power of The Channel

 Simbiottik is specialised in the global business software marketplace.  Simbiottik’s core expertise is in:

 …achieving the successful launch of software products from developers around the globe in the United Kingdom and across Continental Europe.  Our channel management experts are experienced in all of the major vertical markets.

 …assisting clients in the UK and Europe to launch and succeed in the North American marketplace.  With our local presence in the United States, we can offer you first class knowledge of the market, and provide you with US-based local management expertise.