Advisor to CEO NHS/NSS


The NHS in Scotland directly supported its GP’s through the provision of an in-house developed product (GPASS). This product, developed by NISG – a division of NHS National Supplies and Support (NSS) was viewed to be mature and in need of an update. On commencement of the assignment a programme was active within NISG to introduce clinical support to the GPASS product and associated service.

In this assignment profesys was asked to provide:

  • An analysis of the GP IT Support Market in Scotland
  • An analysis of the GPASS product and services in respect of its potential for future development (in the face of the introduction of GP Choice and the availability of equivalent systems from the private sector)
  • A recommendation in respect of the foregoing analysis

In addition, profesys was asked to:

  • Assist in the recruitment of a departmental head responsible for the on-going development and delivery of GPASS
  • Mentor the Senior Management team within GPASS with a view to resolving certain “late delivery” issues
  • Assist the GPASS team to introduce greater functionality within the GPASS Service Desk…. and in doing so assist in the transformation to an ITIL compliant delivery