GSNA Inc. was a North American start-up in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). GSNA encouraged Fortune 500 companies to divest themselves of no longer need assets (e.g. Office Furniture and equipment) that would otherwise be scrapped and find their way to landfill.

In supporting the divestment of such equipment; GSNA would provide the logistics required for the move/divestment, and, would arrange for the equipment to be donated to a selected charity.

The charity would do two things – it would provide the donating corporate with a Tax Credit for the asset value of the donated equipment, and, it would donate the received equipment to the needy – both in the US/Canada and, on occasions, to developing countries.

  • The corporate would receive significant PR along with Tax Credits.
  • The needy would receive otherwise unattainable equipment and support.

In this assignment profesys provided its skills and expertise by operating as Acting COO for GSNA and as consultant to the associated Charitable Organisation.

Specialist skills provided by profesys included:

  • Operational and Logistics expertise
  • Business Planning and Business Development skills
  • Mentoring skills to both GSNA and the associated Charity
  • Leadership skills