A sample of profesys assignments include:

  • Management Consultant: Transformation specialist at John Wiley & Sons Inc. with particular emphasis on Strategy development, Sales restructure, Marketing transformation and Change program implementation
  • Non-Executive Chairman of start-up Cosneta Ltd.
  • Interim Transformation Director at General Dynamics (UK) Ltd; a leading supplier of services to the MoD (call for details)
  • Interim Commercial Manager/Director at Fujitsu; an international provider if IT Outsource services
  • Acting COO at GSN Inc; a Logistics and Charitable Corporation focussed on CSR activities
  • Mentor of Marketing staff at MTS OJSC; the largest Mobile operator in Russia and the CIS
  • Acting Head of Marketing and Product management at Thus plc, a leading independent Telco in the UK
  • Acting Head of Pricing Strategy and Strategy at ACC Telecom; a Telco in the UK
  • Acting Director of Business Development at TSc Ltd; a Telecoms products and services company
  • Mentor to the Marketing team at MTS OJSC; a Mobile operator in Russia
  • Acting Chief Executive of BluRoute Ltd; an Internet Marketing company in the UK

These assignments are further detailed in the associated Web pages.